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opposites on the wheel

my favourite cup of tea

By jessica moonan daviesPublished 3 months ago 2 min read
opposites on the wheel
Photo by Jannet Serhan on Unsplash

it’s the way i can’t tell you anything at all

it’s the way that i have though, it’s the way you still call

it’s the way you love like there’s nothing below us. no risk of a fall

you’d still dance with me after

it’s the way i’d climb up, i’d crawl

it’s the way your eyes won’t give me a second to see

they look like your favourite yellow mug filled with warm tea

it’s a different colour though

something you’d see on a screen

your favourite colour is red

my favourite colour is green

we’re stuck together on this wheel

it’s the way you see what i see

it’s the way you want to look at me

it’s the way you mumble in your sleep

it’s the way i want to hear every dream

it’s the way you and i disagree

it’s the way we know what we mean

it’s the way you’re just like caffeine

it’s the way you love

have dimples in your cheeks, cooks and save some for me, grind your teeth, have freckles that don’t meet, a classic metal screamer, draws and is also a painter, keeps a skateboard on the floor, owns a drum kit you adore, knows i have 3 sugars in my coffee, you take none in your tea, then i can’t sleep, and you mock me with your loud dreams.

it’s the way you believe i would succeed, would sit down and read, it’s the way you’re all of these. am i the red dreams if you’re the green tea?

it’s the way i’ve told you everything

it’s the way i’d tell you it freely

it’s the way i watch you carefully

it’s the way you know what’s made me bleed

when you’re not looking, i trace your cheek

because it’s the way you smile

it’s the way you love like there’s nothing underneath. you’ve seen it. peeled, made real. from things that will never not bleed

but don’t stop you from looking at me

the way you look at me

you’d still dance with me after

in the middle of the street

i’d climb up to you, i’d crawl

from the darkness and the fall

i’d paint yellow on every wall

if you were somewhere i couldn’t find

i’d know you exactly by

the shade of those brown eyes.

it’s the way i didn’t see you coming

nor did you, me.

the way i can be with you and breathe

the way you look at me sometimes surprises me

imagine if we were still strangers on the same street?

you’re my favourite mug filled with warm tea, on a cold day when you know i need it specially

and you roll over in your sleep, saying you love me.

i can hear that dream

your mug filled with red and green.

what a yellow that paint gleams

opposites on the wheel

they call us complementary

and right now

you’re lying next to me

dreaming, dreaming

of colours vividly.


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About the Creator

jessica moonan davies

in a world of my own🐇


obsessed with alice in wonderland, remus lupin, space, and anything mythical or gothic

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    Awww, this was so sweet and lovely! Such a wonderful poem!

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