Only a Fool

by Sandy Jackson 2 years ago in heartbreak

Only a Fool

Only a Fool

I hate you because you're now with her

She took you away and you just followed

Took my heart and broke it in two all over again

I felt a pain and it came from you

I miss you because you were my friend

I hate you because you lied to me and I sank in it all.

You laughed at me and I did all your tricks.

I defended you and you still played your game

You wanted her all along but didn't say

I hate you because you stole my heart again and again

You knew what to say and manipulated me

I hate you because you did really trick me, I fell in your lies and I liked it all

Only fools would fall so hard; first with their eyes open

I knew the game but I let you play it with my heart.

How does it work?
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Sandy Jackson

I'm a mother in SFla with an 11 year old son. I'm writing a memoir of my life. I have a whole gang of poems and stuff that I never got off my chest and published. I wanted to do a book but I really need some feedback on what I have so far. 

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