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Once in a Blue Moon

A short poem on The August Supermoon

By Jenia SilverPublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 1 min read
Once in a Blue Moon
Photo by haylee booth on Unsplash

Once in a Blue Moon

Twice a Full Moon in this August

Occurring in one month of time

Miracles can happen as we speak

Hoping upon Humanity's endurance

Awaiting an Atlantic Storm

A fan of 90's pop music

Devoted to mankind's cause

Once in a Blue Moon

Again a moon like this will return in "26

Super Moon Blue Moon

Also called a Black Moon

Stargazer's look above,

to watch the cycle of our natural satellite

A natural beauty in God's creation

A sky full of stars

Once in a Blue Moon

A new hope is born

Experience peace in its majesty

38 years until Haley's Comet will grace us

Once in a Blue Moon

Stand in the light of the moon

Go out to look above

Awaiting the world to change

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About the Creator

Jenia Silver

Jenia is from North Texas, college educated, loves to write and create stories. The years of internet publications have brought on many other sites. Vocal.Media is the fifth site to publish this creator.

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