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Three Billy Goats in the Internet Addicted World

Fight Against the Dark Web

By Jenia SilverPublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 12 min read
Three Billy Goats in the Internet Addicted World
Photo by Welmoed Wigarda on Unsplash

Three Billy Goats in the Internet Addicted World

(A re-adaptation from the classic story “Three Billy Goats Gruff”)

Written by Peter Christen Asbjonsen Published in 1841

*A Norwegian Folktale *


The Troll Marcus Hacker

The Guide Lance

Grandpa Goat Knoll

Uncle Goat Ethan

Young Goat Liam aka The Kid


A brief look at the characters in their point of view, which led to this tale being retold.

Life of the three Billy Goats:




Goats have it bad these days. Farms worldwide have seen two stages of effective climate change. One being drought, the other being floods. All of which has had a devastating impact on the realm of animal life.

One might think for goats there would be a safe haven near towns. All of the uncontrollable forest fires, earthquakes and known power outages left people like towns to be diminshed.

Grounds give way, people had led their flocks led astray. Here were the bounds of emergent needs for three generations of Billy Goats. Leaving their kind to seek green pastures. In search for pastures of plenty, to sip on fresh water will be an up-hill journey.

Their sense of direction led them to the outskirts of a town south of a melting ice cap. Little known human life seemed to be on their path. Unaware a friendly guide awaited their travels.


The Guide:


Life Post 911, for one man who survived many. Lance roamed free lands, carrying only a cloth bag made for his needs. While bartering served him well, his educated mind demonstrated a method to battle evil. Not many would come to know him as he kept on the move.

Some days he laid in open fields noticing fleeing populations. Other times, he hiked into wooded areas and up mountain tops to drink from roaming streams. His cloth bag were easy to carry upon his shoulder. Over the years, Lance became a vegan. Living a simple life as only he on his own could.

His most prized possession, was a writing pen and a stationary set his late aunt had left him. She was a counselor of sorts. Who had been deceased for more than two decades. Along with many others in the family, her life had been claimed by terrorists.

Lance was a poetic soul, who learned to endure the atrocities the Internet Generation had suffered. His pair of Tom’s shoes took him to cities that lay like third world countries. The Toms factory remained an open trade factory-to provide one pair of shoes to those in need for every pair bought.

The Troll:

Marcus Hacker

Hacking all day, not quite the American Way. One teen looking for a future, and online play. Addicted to internet play, pretension and delusionary thought Marcus lived as an eroded soul. His understanding of humanity diminished as he attempted to strike against evil gamers who claimed their online trades could conquer the world.

Perhaps he were punished for trying to fight evil all on his own. No one knew why he took the nickname Hacker. Almost no one in the online gaming world accepted his friendship except the group Anonymous. Members to the group claimed he gained online popularity for taking their advice to try win every Xbox Gold Live challenge he ever could.

Through days of fan-hood to many YouTube stations, his trove of wealth would be stacking up Bitcoins. It is a known fact, Marcus decided to leave the normal world, having had been hacked himself. A challenge to find real world devastation and prevent it, left him lose all 50 Bitcoins- worth over 1 million US dollars. That nest egg were the bedrock of Marcus’ ambitions to be a game developer or one day be a famous YouTuber.

Marcus choose to go Off Grid, and live dark as his challenges from the dark web led to a destined life of poverty. No more cell phones, tablets, gaming devices, or video streams. Now he dwells under a bridge awaiting to enforce his dominance against those who attempt to cross.


Our Story Begins

Walking through his troves of Valerian Root patches and parched grass, Lance were lost seeking to find his way. In his memory remained his carnal knowledge of boyhood days. Learning to camp; swim; canoe; fish and maintain warmth in the wild gained his since of direction. Upon hearing the approach of hooves, Lance paused.

Lance: "Suan Yang Kai" Three Goats bring Good Luck- a Chinese idiom spoken near Chinese New Year.

The youngest goat spoke first.

Liam: Ehhhhhhh- a villager!

Lance- Taken back he looks him in the eye nods- waving his free hand, he talks loudly;

We might be going the same direction? I am headed for that large bridge to find an open spring.

Ethan: Ehhhh-yea- Us too.

Knoll- speaks up: You First, We shall Follow Along.

The bridge stood as an achievement on its own standard. Tall and built on natural wood fibers. Not even one piece of metal lay inside of its structure. One could look all the up to barely see the end of it height. It is beyond the definition of a modern marvel.

What appeared to be a warning sign, to all four along the path, were a fleeing sense in the chest muscles. A true detection of the feeling of a hiding troll with animosity against outsiders. Trolls were often talked about legends. Yet not known by name. Marcus lived there under the largest natural made bridge.

At times Marcus got his way- demanding some credit for his loss of collector’s Bitcoin and memorabilia. Others who could not answer Marcus’ questions about how the internet kept growing would scream; run; or jump off the bridge after hearing his tales. Not Lance, he was a strong-minded like individual. He never fell under the control of the internet or its many strategies.

Though the group approached the bridge in anticipation of a short uphill climb, Marcus was one to talk. The troll, known as Hacker, gave many insights to the pivotal role of subjective terrorism. From under the bridge a troll entered into sight. He opened speech in a demanding tone.

Lance approaches Marcus- in a shaking yet determined voice and calls out.

Hey you…What’s up?

The three Billy goats nod, as their hooves make a tapping sound entering onto the dock.

Lance introduces himself and the group, gesturing to protect his new friends and to stand near Marcus.

Yes, I am Lance. Grandpa Goat is Knoll, the middle one Ethan, and of course the Kid Liam.

Marcus: HALT! Don’t Stand too close to me. I am known as Marcus, Marcus the Hacker, and also known as a Troll. I go by Marcus, not Mark.

First Things First! No one with an internet plug may pass, I’m Off grid here..

Lance: Hey, Me too! I have been dark since I lost my family over two decades ago. It is an unknown common fact too much internet exposure can cause brain damage.

Marcus: Understood! You honesty serves you well.

What have you hid your bag goat-treats? and laughs..

Let it be known- I, Marcus Hacker (aka that Troll that lives under the bridge) cannot allow any new comer to pass over this bridge without a respectful system of payment. For years, many have tried and failed who have refused to heed my warning. Dark Webbers are still out there, and I am trying not to being found.

No one shall pass without giving dues are owed.


Well Marcus, if I can call you that, or should I call you troll?

We are minimalists…just to be in the presence of three goats should bring you good fortune. We are seeking to find a new dimension of green pastures and drinkable water. Although it may be in plain sight the truth is hidden to the naked eye.

Knoll: Bleats In…Us goats just need green pastures, not greener grass. My two following generations seek to cross this bridge alongside of myself. Fields of wonders feasts lay ahead.

Marcus: All who end up here are in debt. I demand three things from all pass.

* Pre Era Apple Stock Certificates

Just so I can have a hand at finding how the dark web began. The largest corporation in the world. The biggest thieve of any internet gaming module, and my true enemy. The trillion dollar icon started before gas guzzlers were illegal. Now it stands to rob kids, human and well mostly all human alike, without discrimination.

I personally, were tricked into betting on an Apple iPhone more money than my annual rent. This was just the begin of tens of thousands of dollars I lost online.

So, any original apple stock, non-bitcoin. That’s a must have.

*Secondly (for the nostalgia if the Apple Stock will not due)

30 shillings.

It is written in the bible, although I hope it’s not as easy to rob as Bitcoin. I figure it is good for something. Possibly, the afterlife if I cannot stop Apple Corporation.

*Lastly, an Infinity of Wishes.

My first wish would be ending the Dark Web and terrorists hiding on it. It is Apple Corp that is one of the richest companies in the world. See, I can easily think of an additional five wishes that go to that one. Including, how to stop all the mountains in the world from falling into the seas. Or the forest fires from burning all the trees. I could go on.


Let me stop you right there. I am all out genies in a bottle for you. They are a rare bread, years ago one lived on many lands over in place called Vegas.

Shillings…really? I think the land of Babylon also fell into the ocean...

And, Apple Stock, before Steve Jobs created the MP3 player? Hmmmm…I just do not know how to help you Marcus.

The three Billy goats began bleating and laughing...

Lance: You have been tricked by a trillionaire. You are just an overgrown teen, who fled cities before the hi-ways shut down and all the forest fires began.

So, how many gig-bytes did you build up before you lost your gaming championship contest? Do you remember who it was who led you to play games for long?

Marcus: Scuffed his feet and attempted to count on his fingers, as if he actually knew computer science and technology definition terms.

I would guess more than 10 terabytes in a year. That was all before the Virtual Gaming Headsets went on sale one Christmas. I tried all day challenges. Games like:

Ultimate Warfare

Conqueror’s Legend

Demolition Defiance


Tom Clancy’s Escape the International Space Station amoung others , although I forgot the names of the other titles…..

Knoll: Interrupts…uhummm Hacking is Baaad.

Ethan nods: indeed, indeed…War is not a game. War is not good for anything….

The dark web is no joke. Us goats know more about everything than nothing….It’s no good to teach kids to game and to tease others to gamble their future away.

Liam: That just like people thinking goats eat any un-organic matter. Like metals and tin cans. We are the garbage recycler breed. It’s all myth. Goats need nutrients, to curd their food.

Knoll: You changed yourself for the better. You should plan on sharing your information about Apple’s relation to controlling the Dark Web with others. Us goats walked many thousands of miles to escape the forest fires and the landslides. The Earth is unhappy with all of this pollution. It is real we need to get over this bridge.

Liam: Speaks up, Marcus you are not safe to stay here and hide from the dark web. You should trust Lance to guide you, he is seeking a peaceful place to find to call home. Let fear fall away from you. Fight against the corporate giants, and WIN!

Marcus kneels down- reaching his hand to touch Liam- looked into his eyes and gave a heartfelt apology to the four. My game and fun playing ended a long time ago. Way before I found this bridge and hid here as a troll. Life under the bridge is where I felt safe without friends. I don’t need to stay here. A troll’s life is not for Me.—I SURRENDER!

Marcus grabbed his face with two hands covering his eyes and sobbed. Several long and quite minuets went by as the group of four looked around to show a broad smile.

Liam: There, there Marcus..

You were young and unaware of the dangers out there. The dark web found you, not the other way around. You were lured. But at least you got free from the shadows.

Lance looked up letting a cry of joy, “Thank My Stars”…the night sky had lit up as the five had been talking hours while the was sun setting. He padded Marcus on the shoulders and took a deep freeing breathe, before reaching into his bag.

He handed him several pieces of stationary and an extra pen he had in his bag. Lance told him writing out his story so some else could help to end the dark web was the place to start.

Marcus stopped sobbing.

Lance, told Marcus: there is no need to stay in shame. Change yourself before you can change the world.

The Billy goats cheered and bleated, and knew their journey had only just began.

Marcus reached out his hand to shake Lance’s hand. Lance gave a tight and secure hand shake, before he grabbed and hugged Marcus.

Lance: Use you words carefully, I only gave you so many pieces of paper. You have to make this journey on your own. The world will be grateful for your honesty. Hope you can help make this world worth living in. There is a town a day or two away in travel time. One had a barber shop. It’s likely you can sleep there and get a haircut if you offer to help keep shop. If I were you, I would offer my help.

Marcus took a look at Lance, Knoll, Ethan and Liam before waving good-bye to find the closest town.

Together Lance and the three Billy goats traveled over the bridge and under the stars.



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