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On the River

by Suze Kay 4 months ago in sad poetry


On the River
Photo by Claire Fischer on Unsplash

Do you remember slipquick swimming against the current?

I do, the eddies at the edge of the dock pulling at my wrists

And minnows nibbling at our ankles.


The air sits heavy on the river. Heat lightning flashes

On the other bank, where purple clouds build and build.

I can reach the rock in the channel. You can reach

The beach beyond, and the distance between stretches.


Time is funny, it folds and buckles, and when I sit here it feels the same.

It’s not the same lightning, but doesn’t it look it?

I’m not the same person, but don’t I miss it?

sad poetry

Suze Kay

Surrounded by all things bright and beautiful, writing all things dark and gloomy.

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Suze Kay
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