Ocean & Moon

by Ecarg Nosive about a year ago in love poems

Sun in Your View

Ocean & Moon

You were the first one to make my sun fall

Its dagging rays suffered my skin for too long

I was bright red, burnt, peeling but then I saw

The hope you created in the nights daring call

You shaded the intensity that sent me awol

You ridded the heat I couldn’t take anymore

For a while I got used to the feelings of hell

(Went Numb)

But you brought back the one thing left that made me


My heart ached for your new sky

No longer the sun but the moon and the stars that night

Things continued on and my relief grew fonder

You could really make me forget her

You could really help me heal to be stronger

Once my skin was back in tact

No redness or evidence

other than a tan

You pulled back and the moons heaven sent glow

Dimmed down a little more

Just enough to make me cold

So I sat inside in the dark

Hurt, but still appreciative you didn’t scold

I didn’t have a choice but to put love on hold and let friendship take control

Over time we grew closer

A symbiosis enfolds

A magnetic pull of common interests

Swear you’re the other half of my soul

I watched as

Your moon shined brighter

Through your struggles

I watched as

Your moon shined brighter

When we helped each other

Until you let these suns in your life

That’s when I’d watch you light up as if they’d do what was right

But just like my sun they burned you fragile

I couldn’t help but want to help you scab them

Sooth your skin back to its smooth self, no sight of battles

Or your cry’s for help

So that’s exactly what I did

Over and over again

In a cycle

Your moons would change but you’d always come back full circle

I knew if you let me I could guard your skin

SPF whatever the fuck it takes to get in

To heal

To discover

To be each others sins

I’ve wanted you since the very begin

Thought it was obvious but you didn’t know how deep you really healed me

Thought the surface was enough to leave me grinning

When I told you what I’ve really been feeling

You were caught off guard, not about dealing

At the time you were with another sun

One that has not yet burned you

One you think is love

I refuse to ever take that from you

I’ve just watched you fall so many times I never know if it’s true

Maybe this suns intentions improved

Maybe you’ll just tan flawlessly and make do

I really do hope that happiness finds you

But I can’t stop of thinking of the possibilities of us two

We’ve always been so in tune

We are the ocean & the moon

But I guess the stars in your sky are suns too

Complimenting you in your dark view

So I’ll just let you be

But you’ll always be a muse

To me

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Ecarg Nosive
Ecarg Nosive
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