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by sunny boy 4 years ago in sad poetry
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Soul Search

These black walls suffocate me,

Engulf me, Like the mouth of a whale.

These black walls suffocate me,

Consume me, I’m in the belly of the beast.

Will I be free?

Am I going to find peace?

Quick and painless.

When I tighten my eyes nothing changes

I’m a monster to them, fangless,

Surrounded by the brainless.

I won’t die in vain!

These black walls suffocate me,

Tire me, I seem to sleep too much.

And these people seem to tweet too much.

And they don’t seem to see enough,

Worried about their trendy looking feeds too much.

Take a look around and say “have peace with us.”

These black walls suffocate me,

Torture me. Save me from me!

No more voices, no more voices!

I’m defeated, choiceless,

Not noiseless. Never noiseless.

These black walls vibrate,

Shiver and migrate,

Creep and crawl and make me small.

These black walls suffocate me,

Engulf me.

These black walls, when will they leave.

These black walls are too deafening.

These black walls sound like paper cuts

As all my hurt comes to the sur-face.

Oblivion, Oblivion, Oblivion!

sad poetry

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