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by sunny boy 4 years ago in nature poetry
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Let the world carry my soul away

For I know I’ll be back some day

Never told a soul I wanted to stay

Cast me off to sea

Bubbling, churning, yearning

Round, round, round

Run the merry waves

Licking, lapping at the baby blue hue

White cirrus mixed in the atmospheric stew

Belly flop to baby back

Smack goes my skin

Within perilous waters akin to making us sin

What I ask for is what I receive

And what I perceive are endless seas, and me,

In the midst of it all

Not a worry in sight, nor fears to stall

Just I

A wry traveller, baffler

Ironically standing out against a world of swimmers

Glurgle, glurgle, shplip, shplop

The dialogue of the waves beating on my skin-soft boat

Telling me to let go, to cut the anchor

My whole reality is the sun, the stars, the moon,

My ship, and this blue abyss of a liquid tomb

I finally see the possibility

Under the serenity

Of the chop, chop, choppity waves

Rising up like the swells off-shore

Until I’m sure,

Sure my vision comes to fruition

You’ll find me on the edge of the world

On the cusp of glory

nature poetry

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sunny boy

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