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Now and Again

by Amy Christie 11 days ago in love poems
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My window

Who knocks on sill,

violet fragrance

in the wind,

what voice

can tell the words I speak

when all is quiet,

and I dream

of what hasn't come yet,

turning another leaf,

reading sunshine,

beloved heart

again, this time

without a thunder

or the rain.


No ghost can stop this path,

specters flee, meeting hope

smiles drive away the hate

sunlit morning steps down,

carriage of dreams unfolds,

each tiny wish

in petals,

each heart

not meant to last,

stronger than trust,

higher than clouds,

I wanted,

and I see

I heard,

and now I speak

what changed inside my soul

what taught spirit to fly?


Love in a velvet song,

touches each chord

and sigh,

no voice stays frozen

when caress

has passed over a tired brow

believing once again,

light as the dew,

wake up when dawn touches your threshold,

a fingerprint of old

brought heart back to its place,

this love you thought forgotten

has come to rescue

last dream,

last wish,

first step

to delicate hereafter.


Don't talk too loud,

don't let dreams go,

what if it's still a haze

are you awake,

can you touch longing,

have you come home at last,

to sing

and wish

eternal bonding on a scarf

undying soul

that's seen this life,

before, again,

always in love

with now

and what can be?


Open your eyes and see

world glows

when you touch heart

and peek,

a wide-shut gaze,

harmony in disguise,

the smallest thing you see

a blessing to adore

and love in turn.


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

Originally published on Simily

love poems

About the author

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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