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Dear the Laugh

by Amy Christie 11 days ago in love poems
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Hungry the soul

Would you stay in the shade

if sunlight kept calling your name,

if roses reached to touch

your cheek,

your heart,

your spirit,

and set free

the will to play,

find yourself once again

inside the forest of one starry road,

where nothing seemed to shine,

now there is yearning

and the will

to go on

and believe.


If once fear belonged

in deepest soul room

and each night

it grew, festered

in anguish,

now you let it go free

not friends, not foes,

not tied in anger,

not afraid to see life

in all its colors.


Torment is at an end,

life comes in sunshine

and this light

doesn't scorch wishes,

and each butterfly

learns to dream once again

under a sunny leaf, caress,

beyond horizon

of one childhood story,

now is the future

of untold



Grow young and old,

happy to be

here, the home you've known

on cliffs,

tomorrow waits,

not running anymore,

not chasing,

not falling in a precipice,

each dream you hold

is whole,

each wish you made

holds spirit

to compassion


promises to belong


and forever more.


Where have you left your smile,

is it up in the clouds,

or floating


Ocean breathes

and your scarf,

the one you let fly long ago

brings back desires and a laugh

kept and beloved,

dare to go on

let waves wash pain in storm

of happy tears

and new memories

to warm your soul.


You are, you know,

you breathe

your life unfolds in mauve,

yellow inside,

your hope

hasn't left you, this time,

let it come out of mirror

look once again

the one you were


your soul

what you will be

only your heart

can know.


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

Originally published on Simily

love poems

About the author

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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