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No More Faith

by Jamie Lélianne 4 years ago in sad poetry
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A Poem

In the corner of this dark room

On a busted, mangled mattress

Lays an injured girl with many questions

She is curled up into a ball

Without a blanket to keep her warm

Tears falling from her eyes

She takes her hand and wipes them away

Her heart has been shattered not that long

The pain though, just a bit longer

Down the alley behind her, there is alot of noise

Gunshots and several people she heard screaming

Out of the corner of her eyes she sees

This man putting a needle into his arm

She glances up above and observes there are no stars tonight

And the moon is nowhere in sight

Fears of her past keep her tied up with guilt

For she is curious how she even got there

Wonders why she feels she has been left alone?

Her energy has all dissolved into this one night

At this moment she has forsaken her faith

Her eyes begin to confine gradually

Heaven emerges with a little glitter of light

Her breathing fades

Whisking her soul away to a safe and reliable place

Where she will never be forgotten

Copyright: Jamie Bell

sad poetry

About the author

Jamie Lélianne

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