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Nature’s embrace

Finding peace & Renewal in the Great outdoors

By Vivek_U_kPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Amidst the trees and rustling leaves,

Where sunlight filters through the eaves,

The earth breathes deep, its rhythms slow,

And in this place, all strife must go.

The birds above, they sing a song,

That echoes through the woods so long,

And down below, the wildflowers bloom,

Their colors bright, dispelling gloom.

The streams that babble, soft and clear,

Bring life to all that gather near,

And in the distance, mountains rise,

Their peaks so sharp against the skies.

Oh nature, how you soothe the soul,

And make our broken spirits whole,

In your embrace, we find our peace,

And all our fears and worries cease.

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    Vivek_U_kWritten by Vivek_U_k

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