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Mon amoureux

Romance , Subtitle : my lover

By Vivek_U_kPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

The looks are intoxicating

Piercings way deep inside

The muted heart is craving

Both these arrows with the bow

Are killing me alive,

They say queens eyes fake it

On time of deep love migrate

My loving eyes do travel in palanquin

Right by the honey stream

Its now the bathing time

The flute is staggering

Oh . Golden form of Queen

*The eyes lights up Each other

Like camphor lamps

The touch of hands are sparking

Electric fire

Upon this stage of passion this

One-act play is on

The pleasure are leading me

In my native dame !

Im swaying here & there

Like a swing

I am boiling in desire

That burns like fire

Right by the honey stream

Its now the bathing time

The flute is staggering,

Ohhh ohhh

Golden women

Author: Vivek _katib

love poems

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    Vivek_U_kWritten by Vivek_U_k

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