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Natural Man


By Paul CrockerPublished 3 years ago 2 min read

I could wait for a man to sweep me off my feet.

I am doubtful there would be one I would like to meet.

The only man I want is the only man I need.

He has been there from the start like a seed.

He holds back my tears like a supportive dam.

This is my natural man.

I feel the heat of his touch through the rays of the sun.

Up it rises and the caressing has begun.

Like a fresh towel from the radiator.

The warmth calls to me like a soothsayer.

How the waves of hot golden sand widely span.

I'm feeling this from my natural man.

He stands strong within the tree's trunk.

I don't need a manufactured hunk.

Sturdy, tall and ready to fall in sacrifice.

I've never known a gentleman so nice.

Others think he can be cut short but no chainsaw can.

Firmly planted is my natural man.

His eyes sparkle in the pools of freshly fallen rain.

I've never seen such a union of beauty and pain.

As shallow as a puddle but as deep as an ocean.

To view my life with such emotion.

Witnessing the world's fragility, how easily the tears ran.

The open honesty of a natural man.

His hair is the auburn in the autumnal leaves.

Which he brushes with the twigs on his sleeves.

Around his face like a photo frame.

Not designed to hide blame or shame.

The breeze moves it gently like a cheap fan.

The mane from a natural man.

I can smell his pheromones mingle with the flower's pollen.

So enticing and so difficult to be forgotten.

It is there even when he isn't physically there.

Just another way for him to communicate through the air.

I've known his aroma in the wind as if it were his plan.

Breathing in the scent of a natural man.

I speculate his smile among the star's shine.

Each tooth, a sapphire from the rarest mine.

Catching my eye and breath with equal measure.

A light show to provide constant visual pleasure.

A beautiful sight I will endlessly scan.

Completes the form of my natural man.

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Paul Crocker

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