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For those that believed ...

By Bella BluePublished about a year ago 1 min read

Soothing the savagery of life outside these walls

Escape, is a world unknown to those who cannot read or will not see,

Melody is inked on pages that speak sweetly

passion writes furiously in bold black tones , never to be denied,

The tempo changes, the notes rain down hard and fast, a storm within a storm , living and breathing, creating a new life , where there was none.

Hear the colors , taste the sound , this elixir fills my soul.

Delve into the downy softness ,

So warm and welcoming,

So familiar ,

A refrain that wraps itself around you , and heals you

Branches entwined, keeping you safe,

your limbs forever flowing , free

My fingers trace the silhouette of the ghosts who sat with me,

Who whispered secrets , in foreign tongues, that only I was told .

It saved me and made me whole, or was the requiem that slowly drove me insane

no one will ever know , as I sit down to play again.


About the Creator

Bella Blue

Polyglot. Sapiophile. Live in Slave for 2 rescue dogs. You can't make this up; Fictionalized Reality, names changed to protect the truth & the guilty. Everyone will think they are the heroine. What fools these mortals be...

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