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My Mental Health Prayer

Your sorrow shall flee

By PoeticallyPurple24Published about a month ago 1 min read
My Mental Health Prayer
Photo by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash

I pray your depression doesn’t leave you with existential dread ,

I hope you don’t act on the voices commands that lingers in your head .

I hope you’re able to declutter everything after your depressive state has released from you ,

When you’re alone ,

your depressive state has released from you ,

When you’re alone ,

Just remember you’re a warrior and God will see it through !

The answers you may seek might not come before you at your darkest hour,

Just know there’s no shame in crying on the floor of your shower.

Your pain may be in silence but the creator sees it all ,

The walls of loneliness may seem immensely strong

but there’s always a new day after all

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About the Creator


I’m told I have a natural gift so let’s see how meaningful it really is !🥰

I used writing as a coping mechanism to get me through hardships in life .My goal is to become a poet that will change the world .I hope you can see my gift shine .

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    PoeticallyPurple24Written by PoeticallyPurple24

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