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My Foolish Audacity Pt. 3

A Scorn Identity - #7

By House September Published about a year ago 1 min read
My Foolish Audacity Pt. 3
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I yearned for the alchemy

That I am now.

I cultivate enough silkworm

to craft my indiscretions,

into a silk.


From the mirror I watch as my body mimics

its movements, and passionately amalgamate

Into one cohesive vision.

An insight composes of nightmares and truths

Beyond anything I could suggest.


It is clear as day.

I am Transcendent.

Above all things made of muck,

And everything that was once coy,

No longer has a pulse.


I now understand the purpose of the servant,

I see the mockery they made of me,

I will make a weapon out of him.

I will call it my gratitude,

disappointedly, I will not be able to attest to their silence.

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About the Creator

House September

We’ll play with each other’s broken hearts. Let us exchange our pieces like trading cards.

I’m too bored to notice, and you are too high to notice the air beneath your feet.

I have poems to share.

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    House September Written by House September

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