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Whispers of Ancestry: The Māori Naming Tradition

The Sacred Weave: A Māori Naming Tradition

By Mahmood alyPublished 25 days ago 1 min read
Whispers of Ancestry: The Māori Naming Tradition
Photo by Callum Parker on Unsplash

In the quiet dawn of mist and sea,

Where the land meets eternity,

Echoes of the ancestors’ call,

A name bestowed, a sacred thrall.


Whispers of the whenua, ancient and wise,

Carry tales beneath the skies,

Each name a story, deep and true,

A bond of spirit, old and new.


From the mountains tall to rivers wide,

Through valleys where the shadows bide,

The Māori name in reverence given,

Links the living to the risen.


Tāne’s forest whispers low,

As mothers sing and fathers know,

The essence of the child to be,

In the symphony of ancestry.


Each syllable a woven thread,

Binding life to what is said,

Through generations, stories flow,

In names that help the children grow.


Aroha and mana, strength and grace,

In every name, a sacred space,

Where history and future blend,

In the names that Māori send.


To honor land and sky and sea,

In every breath, identity,

The naming tradition, ancient, wise,

A legacy that never dies.

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