Musica, musique, musik, music.

Dedicated to the one I love.

Musica, musique, musik, music.

How does It have the power, the power to take you forward or back in time

feeling like doc, up the watch tower you climb.

The melody has the power to move your body, feeling as if every cell in your body can feel this beat.

Flowing with the frequency all night long until you can no longer feel your feet.

How do we understand the emotion of song when you can not understand the words.

The universal language is known it’s embedded in our DNA, it’s a knowing, no matter what science records.

It saves lives, never leaves, always a channel to connect, brings people together, keeps us strong when need be.

You could lose your hearing and sight you really don’t need to hear nor see.

Its a feeling and not just any feeling.

A feeling to make you jump up and touch the ceiling.

The feeling that comes from the deepest depths of our soul.

The dark, the bright, the calm, even those excited parts when you work that pole.

Next time you go out dancing, hell, even from home

Close your eyes and really feel how you flow with the sound just do not do it if there is foam.

We are all basically frequency making our own song with our lives.

Would you be happy with the song you made, that this universe archives.

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aysha valenzuela
aysha valenzuela
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aysha valenzuela

Hello I live in the desert hiding in the shade from the beautiful powerful sun in az. I’ve lived all over southwest I dig experiences meeting new peeps and music is life. I am a nomad,I go where the wind takes me I’mhoping it blows me east.

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