Poem to you

by aysha valenzuela about a month ago in heartbreak


Poem to you

How am to breathe when I can't smell your scent.

How am I to grow when you are not here to help me and give me your love.

For so long I lived in the deep dark depths of a broken heart and a world that lacked everything.

These questions constantly haunted my soul.

Casting out my greatness and love.

Until I saw your face once again. Until we made love again.

Now I know my life no longer lacks anything.

I am abundant

I am strong and can achieve anything.

I love myself and others with unconditional terms.

You showed me how to really forgive. Which has taught me to love, really love.

Thank you.

aysha valenzuela
aysha valenzuela
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aysha valenzuela

Hello I live in the desert hiding in the shade from the beautiful powerful sun in az. I’ve lived all over southwest I dig experiences meeting new peeps and music is life. I am a nomad,I go where the wind takes me I’mhoping it blows me east.

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