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Melodies & Stardust

"Ladies and Aliens..."

By Lynn JordanPublished 6 months ago 2 min read
Melodies & Stardust
Photo by Austin Neill on Unsplash

What great earthly thing can I show you

Curious alien that fell from the sky

What wonder of earth would move you

That you've not seen with your mile-wide eyes?

You’ve watched stars be born and die

Seen nebulas, black holes and more

You’re watching my world circle the drain

You must ponder what helps us endure?

The answer is something that cannot be seen

That’s as vital as the air we breathe

Unites us like nothing else can when

We’d otherwise fight, hate and seethe

That would be music -

Something you say you do not have

It blows my mind that with all you know

You don’t know of this magical salve

From classical to Heavy Metal

To Country, Jazz and Rap

No matter what setting, place, or mood

There’s a playlist to fill the gap

Songs that make you rock and sway

Laugh and grind and sigh

Or a tune that touches you so deeply

You appear with diamond eyes

The power of our strange instruments

Making noise you strain to process

Means everything when we dine, marry

Make love, and party to excess

To brighten the mood, to lessen the pain

To draw us ever deeper down

Contemplate our own humanity

In our dreams, our cities, and towns

To make us forget or always remember

Love, hurt and excitement

The Blues, Soul and Gospel harmonies

Always bring enlightenment

A history so deep I hardly know where to start

Do I start with the tribal drums?

The first stringed instrument?

A voice that wails from the heart?

I’ll let you hear songs that make me cry

Dance, and I don’t care who sees

The songs that make me happy

That make me giggle, jump and scream

I don’t know if you feel as we do

But you can witness, you can see

How 7 notes on a scale weigh so much

On lowly earthlings like me

By George Kedenburg III on Unsplash

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About the Creator

Lynn Jordan

Gen X writer of published music reviews now putting my fiction, non-fiction & the occasional poem out there. Every piece I write, regardless of genre, is a challenge accepted, and crafted with care and love. Sit a spell & enjoy!

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  • Terri Lynn5 months ago

    Had me with “Ladies and Aliens…”

  • Catherine Nyomenda5 months ago

    Music is medicine for the soul. Great poem!

  • Alex H Mittelman 6 months ago

    Great poem! Good job!

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