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My Gothic Heart

Paint It Black

By Lynn JordanPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Lynn Jordan. All rights reserved; do not use without permission

As I came to know the world around

I knew right from the start

No matter how bright the sky

I had a gothic heart.

Rainbow ribbons, white knee highs

Pink shoes with heels that clack

They watched it all change in a flash

From light, to gray, to black.

“Add some color!” they would say

“Your look fills us with dread!”

With a sigh and rolling eyes

I’ll don bits of bright blood red.

Thunderstorms and chilly temps

Made me giggle with delight

As I began befriending things

That go bump in the night.

Never evil, always kind

And greet you with a smile

But ask if you would like to see

Scary movies by the pile.

Skulls - buffed

Dead things - stuffed

Bracelets - spiked

Graveyards - liked

Music loud and full of screams

Makes a bad day disappear

No sweet sugar pop will do

When distortion soothes my ear.

Silver chains and spiderwebs

Believe this vibe is strong

Christmas sales get earlier

But it’s Halloween all year long.

The aesthetic was not just a phase

I’m a happy weirdo

And I am wise enough to realize

Even the sun will cast a shadow.

Paint it black

Paint it all black

Till death do us part

Know that underneath my sunny glaze

Beats a gothic heart.

By Kym MacKinnon on Unsplash

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About the Creator

Lynn Jordan

Gen X writer of published music reviews now putting my fiction, non-fiction & the occasional poem out there. Every piece I write, regardless of genre, is a challenge accepted, and crafted with care and love. Sit a spell & enjoy!

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