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longing for love is not that bad, it's just love

By David OkosunPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Photo by Sean Oulashin on Unsplash

In the hush of twilight's tender embrace,

Where the ocean's whispers weave their grace,

I wandered, lost in the ebb and flow,

Seeking solace where love might grow.

Beneath the moon's soft, shimmering light,

I cast my dreams into the endless night,

Yearning for a love as vast as the sea,

To soothe my soul and set me free.

With each crashing wave upon the shore,

I felt my heartache, longing for more,

A symphony of sighs carried on the breeze,

Echoing the ache within my pleas.

But then, amidst the salt-kissed air,

A gentle whisper, a love so rare,

Like a beacon in the tempest's roar,

You appeared, and I found shore.

In your eyes, I found the endless blue,

A reflection of the ocean's hue,

And in your touch, the gentle tide,

Pulling me close, where love resides.

Hand in hand, we danced upon the sand,

Two souls entwined, by fate's gentle hand,

And as the stars above began to shine,

I knew, with you, my love, I'd find.

So let the sea sing its timeless song,

For in your arms, I finally belong,

Forever bound by love's sweet decree,

Together, sailing on love's endless sea.

In the heart of the tempest, where wild waves collide,

I sought solace in the ocean's endless tide.

Lost in the depths of a tumultuous sea,

Yearning for a love that would set me free.

With each cresting wave and each gust of wind,

I searched for a love that would never rescind.

In the whispers of the breeze and the salt-kissed air,

I prayed for a love that would always be there.

But amidst the chaos and the raging storm,

I found a glimmer of hope, soft and warm.

In your eyes, I saw the calm after the squall,

A beacon of love amidst it all.

With your hand in mine, we weathered the gale,

And in your embrace, I found my holy grail.

Together we sailed through the darkest of nights,

Guided by love's eternal lights.

In the vast expanse of the boundless sea,

I found my anchor, my sanctuary.

For in your love, I discovered the key,

To unlock the depths of my soul's decree.

So let the waves crash and the tempests rage,

For in your love, I've found my stage.

A love as deep as the ocean's abyss,

A treasure more precious than gold's sweet kiss.

Upon the shore, where whispers meet the waves,

I stood, a soul adrift, longing to brave

The depths of love, in the vast expanse,

Where the sea and sky in tender dance.

With each crashing wave, a longing stirred,

A yearning deep within, yet undeterred.

For in the ocean's embrace, I sought to find

A love profound, transcending space and time.

Beneath the moon's soft, ethereal glow,

I cast my heart into the undertow,

Hoping it would be carried far and wide,

To where my soul's mate did reside.

In the serenade of seagulls' cries,

I heard the echo of love's sweet sighs,

A melody that spoke of love's embrace,

Guiding me to your awaiting grace.

And there, amidst the seashell's song,

I found you, where the waves belong.

In your eyes, I glimpsed the endless sea,

A reflection of love's vast decree.

Hand in hand, we walked the sandy shore,

Two hearts entwined forevermore.

With each step, a bond deeper grew,

As together, we embarked on love anew.

So let the sea whisper its ancient tale,

Of love's triumph over storm and gale.

For in your arms, I've found my home,

A sanctuary where my heart can roam.

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David Okosun

A born dramatist, historian, poet, content creator, researcher, Menter health and fitness writer and a content creator.

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