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My name is darkside

The moment we begin to face our innermost fear, then we are free

By David OkosunPublished about a month ago 3 min read
My name is darkside
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In the depths where shadows linger,

Where whispers echo and fears take shape,

There lies a realm few dare to venture,

Where the soul confronts its darkest cape.

In the silence of the night, it calls,

A haunting melody of sorrow's bane,

Beckoning the brave to face the walls

That guard the heart from the inner pain.

Within this labyrinth of doubt and dread,

Where memories like ghosts roam free,

We stumble, lost, with heavy tread,

Searching for the light we long to see.

Yet, in the heart of this abyss,

There blooms a flicker, faint but true,

A spark of hope we cannot dismiss,

A guiding flame to see us through.

For though the darkness may seem unkind,

And the path ahead obscured by night,

There's strength within the depths of mind,

To turn the shadows into light.

It takes courage to face what lies within,

To peel back the layers of our disguise,

To embrace the flaws that we call sin,

And see the truth behind our eyes.

For in accepting our flaws and fears,

We find the power to set them free,

To wash away the silent tears,

And be the person we long to be.

So let us not cower from the dark,

But rather, let us boldly stride,

Knowing that within our inner spark,

We hold the strength to turn the tide.

For every trial that we endure,

Every shadow that we face,

Only serves to make us purer,

And grant us a deeper sense of grace.

So fear not the darkness that resides,

Within the chambers of your soul,

For it is there that true courage hides,

And where our truest selves unfold.

Embrace the shadows, face the night,

And let your inner light shine bright,

For in the heart of darkness, we find,

The strength to heal and peace of mind.

knowing this as well, assures us of hope,

In the caverns of our minds, where shadows dance,

There lies a darkness, a daunting expanse,

A labyrinth of fears, a maze of doubt,

Where whispers of insecurity twist and shout.

But fear not, dear soul, for within you lies

A strength untold, a fire that defies

The deepest abyss, the blackest night,

A beacon of hope, a guiding light.

For it's in facing our inner gloom,

That we find the courage to break the tomb

Of self-doubt and anguish, to rise above,

And embrace the journey of self-love.

So let us not shrink from the depths within,

But rather, let us boldly begin

The quest to unravel the knots we've tied,

And confront the demons we've tried to hide.

For in the heart of our darkest hour,

Lies the seed of our greatest power,

The resilience to endure and grow,

And the wisdom to let our true selves show.

So, take my hand, let us walk this road,

Together we'll bear each heavy load,

And emerge victorious, brave and true,

For facing our inner darkness is what heroes do.

so, I say, let's face it head on, let dare our dare and fear our fare

looking darkness in the eye, telling her no more.

this is the beginning of the end, this is the end of the line

this is where i found my peace, this is where my peace made home.

looking in now, I can feel peace, like a lion seeing is reflection

in a still water, those scars of victory lingering on is face

taking a deep breath and showing signs of relief.

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David Okosun

A born dramatist, historian, poet, content creator, researcher, Menter health and fitness writer and a content creator.

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Nice work

Very well written. Keep up the good work!

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  • Manisha Dhalaniabout a month ago


  • Andrea Corwin about a month ago

    What a beautiful poem - these lines resonate: The quest to unravel the knots we've tied, And confront the demons we've tried to hide. and this: For in the heart of our darkest hour, Lies the seed of our greatest power,

David OkosunWritten by David Okosun

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