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Lust and Love

The Intersection of Sensuality and Emotion

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Lust and love, two emotions so strong,

At times they seem to merge into one,

A passion that's deep, a desire that's long,

A feeling that can never be undone.

Lust is a fire, a craving so raw,

A hunger that needs to be fed,

A yearning that comes without flaw,

A longing that can't be shed.

Love is a flame, a warmth so pure,

A feeling that's gentle and kind,

A devotion that forever endures,

A bond that's hard to define.

Lust can be fleeting, a momentary pleasure,

A temptation that's hard to resist,

It can be a flame that burns without measure,

A longing that leaves one's heart blissed.

Love is enduring, a bond that's strong,

A connection that's hard to break,

A feeling that lasts a lifetime long,

A devotion that's hard to fake.

Lust and love, two emotions so intertwined,

They both ignite the flame of desire,

But love, a feeling so gentle and refined,

Is the one that sets our hearts on fire.

In the end, it's love that will always prevail,

A feeling that's deep and true,

Lust may be tempting, but it's love that will never fail,

A bond that will always see us through.

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Watch my hot vidoes

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