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Euphoric Ecstasy and Love

Surrendering to the Rapture of Love

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In moments of purest bliss,

When our hearts beat as one,

We feel the rush of ecstasy,

A love that's just begun.

Our souls entwine in rapture,

As we lose ourselves in passion,

The world fades into the distance,

As we enter loves purest fashion.

The ecstasy of your touch,

Sends shivers through my soul,

My heart beats faster in your arms,

As we let our love take control.

In moments like these,

Our love is all we see,

A symphony of emotion,

A perfect melody.

We dance in the moonlight,

Lost in each other's eyes,

Our love a never-ending journey,

As we soar to the skies.

This euphoric ecstasy we share,

A love that's pure and true,

A feeling that will never fade,

As long as I'm with you.

So let us bask in the glory,

Of this love we've found,

And let the euphoric ecstasy,

Forever be unbound.

Watch my hot vidoes

Watch my hot vidoes

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