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Heart and Soul

A Symphony of Two Hearts and Souls

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read

Heart and soul, entwined as one,

A love that's pure and true,

A bond that's formed from two as whole,

A connection meant to be pursued.

With every beat, my heart does ache,

To feel your soul entwine with mine,

A love so strong, it cannot break,

An intertwining of two divine.

The heart it beats, it pulses strong,

A rhythm that's fueled by you,

Your soul, it sings a special song,

A melody, both old and new.

Together we are more than one,

We are a symphony of love,

A perfect union, hard to come,

A partnership sent from above.

So let our hearts and souls unite,

In a love that's meant to last,

A bond that's strong and true, alright,

Our heart and soul, in love amassed.

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  • Amjad Dib10 months ago

    you have beautiful lovely body , your story so much sweet like you sister keep going don't stop

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