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love is a symphony


By Karthick RajaPublished 7 months ago 2 min read
love is a symphony
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In the quiet of my heart,

There is a song that starts to play,

It sings of love and joy and peace,

And of a soulmate that's here to stay.

You are the one that fills my heart,

With a love that's pure and true,

You light up every part of me,

And chase away the dark and blue.

With every beat of my heart,

I feel your love surround me,

And I know that I am yours,

Now and for eternity.

Your eyes are like the stars above,

Twinkling with a magic light,

Your smile is like the sunshine,

That brightens up my day and night.

Your touch is like a gentle breeze,

That makes my heart skip a beat,

Your kiss is like a sweet caress,

That sets my soul ablaze with heat.

I love the way you make me feel,

Like I am the only one that matters,

With you, I can be myself,

And my heart can sing and shatter.

Together we are an endless dance,

Of love and hope and trust,

We hold each other close and tight,

And we never feel the need to rush.

Our love is like a flower,

That blooms with every passing day,

It grows stronger and more beautiful,

In every single way.

And though the world may try to break us,

With all its trials and pain,

We stand together, hand in hand,

And we'll never fall again.

For love is like a fortress,

That keeps us safe and warm,

It shelters us from all the storms,

And it keeps us from all harm.

So let us walk this journey,

With love as our guiding light,

Let us hold each other close and tight,

And let us soar to new heights.

For we are meant to be together,

In this life and in the next,

Our love is like a fire,

That will never lose its text.

And when our time is up,

And we must say goodbye,

Our love will still be burning bright,

In the hearts of you and I.

For love is like a symphony,

That echoes through the ages,

And we are but two notes,

In its beautiful pages.

So let us love with all our hearts,

And never let it go,

For in each other's arms we find,

A love that overflows.

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Karthick Raja

This is Karthick Raja from India , I am full-time Blogger and Content writer .

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