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lost in translation (6)


By Robbie BalePublished 30 days ago 1 min read
lost in translation (6)
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As she pondered, an idea formed. Tanya had always been meticulous in her note-taking, and she decided to document every conversation in detail, hoping that her records would help her piece together the lost fragments of her mind.

She began to write furiously, recording every exchange, every bit of information the Rokunians shared. Weeks turned into months, and Tanya's notes filled volumes.

She became a recluse, her world shrinking to the confines of her study and the glowing tablet. The memory loss continued, relentless and unforgiving.

She forgot the names of her friends, the faces of her family. She even struggled to remember her own name at times.

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Robbie BaleWritten by Robbie Bale

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