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Longing for Adventure: Escaping the Mundane

A Poem of Yearning for the Unknown and Breaking Free from Routine

By Abdullah SajidPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

The world feels dull, grey and cold,

Apathy settles deep in my soul,

I yearn for something new and bold,

To break free from this monotonous role.

The days pass by in endless routine,

My spirit aches for a fresh start,

My heart yearns for sights unseen,

To escape the confines of my heart.

I seek adventure, I seek thrill,

To feel alive, to feel the rush,

To break free from this life that's still,

And embrace the world's vibrant hush.

I long to find a different path,

To escape the chains that hold me down,

To break the mold, to light the path,

And leave this stagnant life behind, unbound.

So I search for new horizons,

And seek out the unknown,

I'm determined to find my raison,

And make this world my own.

For though I may be bored today,

I know that tomorrow will bring new chance,

A chance to break free from this dull decay,

And find my own unique dance.

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Abdullah Sajid

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