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Living Essence

by Samuel Noble 4 years ago in nature poetry
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A Poem About Consciousness and Interconnectedness

Pure energy exists if you can experience it.

The crevasse of bioluminescence

Is seeking a convergence

A pointed refurbished

Purpose of devoted essence

The man tends his crops

While the fleeting moments

Are blessed

None feeling a needless sense

To condemn an address

Of proper change

Lessening clamped grips

Of Soul People deranged

Missing ebb and flow

The intent on beautiful exchange

Trade your exalted riches

For a better wage

Progressing the skillset of a mage

Circumstances become apparent with age

Slivering through the slick stream

Feel the chill of rushing water

Pew pew at the Zulu

Wishing not to be encaged

The broken promises

To nature share

The very pain gluttons dismiss

For every being to suffer agony

Shall be reciprocated as luxury

Some still delve into diabolic kisses

Let us starve ourselves of oxygen

We'll then understand our weaknesses

Journey forth, discover the way

Damn to the hooks sinked into flesh

Micro-organisms crawling 1,000 miles per second

Expedient movement of time

Surfaced geysers of gases

Bound by common ancestry

Sexual dimorphism that passes

Through the test of time

These burnt pieces become ashes

To withstand a burdensome urn

Manifestations perish into fastens

But the feral passions of us all align

(Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved).

nature poetry

About the author

Samuel Noble

I am an artist, environmentalist, musician, and writer. I enjoy writing about my passions or anything on my mind. Get to know me through each poem and each story, and come with me on this journey to build a conscious community for all.

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