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Two Poems About Soul Travel

by Samuel Noble 4 years ago in nature poetry
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Each Soul & Fleeting, Life Is

The sunset signifies the ending of a day ...or something else perhaps. Whether it is eliminating a destructive mindset or changing your eating habits, the sun teaches us how to appreciate each day here on earth. We grow from each step we take through this wild expedition life offers us.

Each Soul

Oh dreary evening

Some thoughts need forgiving

I can't keep tipping

My anger and frustration

I try the best I can

What else do you want, man?

I feel unappreciated and disliked, so scan

Your mind and your thoughts

Just rewind the suffering times

A taste in the mouth as sour as limes

Permeates through my throat

With disgust and I regurgitate

That foul taste in my mouth

Telepathic kinetic interfaces

Sending signals to relay messages

Receiving messages in cosmic spaces

The visage of death travels in sections

Each soul is deselected if it's not time

Each soul is infected with love to some extent

Each vessel defected from their previous lives

Everything we experience is precious

And then comes the flashing light

...Gone forever

(Copyright. 2016)

Fleeting, Life Is

Life is impermanent

Yet it's always present

Souls come and go

Where they are is unknown

All we truly know

Is that it all goes on

It feels so heavy or soft

To bear a life

To nurture life

To reminisce back in TI:ME

Observing the moving people

Just as if they're stars

Orbiting a purpose

We all contribute a service

Of any certain kind

But with some nervousness

There still lingers a divergence

Splitting atoms is like splitting souls

Connected for a predestined purpose

Fleeting Life is

But it's value is not worthless

There lies your own self converted

And there will always be a purpose

So go find it!

(Copyright. 2017)

nature poetry

About the author

Samuel Noble

I am an artist, environmentalist, musician, and writer. I enjoy writing about my passions or anything on my mind. Get to know me through each poem and each story, and come with me on this journey to build a conscious community for all.

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