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Little Girl In A Pew

An Exvangelical Abecedarian

By Meagan DionPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 1 min read
I can feel this dress

All my childhood I spent Sundays in

Black nylon or

Cable knit tights, depending on the season, and

Donned blue velvet dresses with white frilly lace.

Early in the morning, or Wednesday nights, I

Followed my parents and sat in our place.

God, allegedly, smiled down because of our immaculate

Hair, shiny shoes, and clean face but

Ignored the hour before we spent in empty spats,

Just because the outside package was pretty and in attendance.

Kindness was lost amidst the din of religiosity, the Church

Like a fake penny found and coveted by an ignorant child, but the

Messiah is life in the darkness, in the messy,

Not the perfect.

Over the years I have learned the indomitable truth,

Pain is a really good teacher, and can make hearts softer

Quieting the self preserving impulse,

Reigniting a love for people, realizing life isn't pretty, its raw.

Suffering opens your eyes to compassion, makes you wear another's

Torn up pair of shoes, it

Unites hearts that once couldn't see eye to eye, and

Vindicates sorrows once thought to be pointless, or felt alone.

Wisdom is knowing that good isn't pretty and comfortable.

Xenophobia isolates and snuffs out the spark of faith, it's what

You do with the gritty, its how you love in the turmoil, it's allowing your

Zeal to burn for others and not to protect an image.

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Meagan Dion

My life is a little crazy. Four kids, homeschool, write, create and coffee. Coffee is a verb. Do you coffee? I aspire to blow glass and finish / publish my novel. I would like to have an impact. Also, coffee.

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  • olymoolla3 months ago

    You have written so many beautiful stories your story is admirable please visit my vocal id and read a story please

  • Sandra Matos3 months ago

    Excellent job! Your words show that changing the way you look at pain helps bring value to a life. Pain lets you know that you have the ability to love. Great job!

  • Loved this.

  • Grz Colm4 months ago

    Nice job at the abecedarian. Already read and liked this one Megan. 😊

  • Cathy holmes4 months ago

    Very well said. Great entry.

  • Sandra Tena Cole4 months ago

    So good Meagan!! ❣️

  • Mariann Carroll4 months ago

    Pain is a really good teacher, and can make hearts softer. This line says a lot. For some pain make their heart harder unfortunately. 😔Only those who understand Jesus Christ understand keeping our heart softer .🙏🏽

  • The original meaning of evangelical & the reason John Wesley was barred from preaching in Anglican churches (where he was ordained). He kept on bringing "the wrong sort of people" with him to church. The way the term is used nowadays, it's more like code for political hate speech--racist, misogynist, homophobic, xenophobic, selfish, & all in all about as far from the life of Jesus Christ as it's possible to be & would be perfectly at home among the Pharisees & Sadducees, priest & scribes who opposed Jesus.

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