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Limerick Poems

by Eva 2 months ago in fact or fiction
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A variety of poems written by me. (The second one is true).

Limerick Poems
Photo by Trust "Tru" Katsande on Unsplash

There was a young lady in a bright coloured house

She wore a bright coloured blouse

She loved bright coloured things

She even had bright coloured wings

That young lady in a bright coloured house

It's tail so high

It's going to die

Flying into the class

At least it was not the glass

The bird with it's tail so high

There was an old goat

Who had an old tweed coat

The coat was the colour burnt umber

He loved to eat a green cucumber

There was an old fellow

who liked yellow mellow

He had an old canary

who was always very merry

That old fellow who liked mellow yellow

fact or fiction

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I am 13 and searching for some ways to earn money. I saw this cool website and have put in some effort to write money-making stories. Please Read! My stories are mostly written for school but some I have written for fun. All written in NZ.

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