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Acrostic Poems

by Eva 2 months ago in childrens poetry
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Totaranui (Classroom at School) and Poetry

Acrostic Poems
Photo by Trust "Tru" Katsande on Unsplash

Telling the kids to wear their hats like teaching kids their abcs

Opening the computer cases with kids swarming it like a pride of lions jumping on their prey

Teaching kids that stare at you like you have a blue face

Arguing with the teachers that you want to sit next to your friend like a desperate beggar

Rambling on and on about the people in history while the kids groan like they have a really bad stomach ache

Abandoning the class like a teacher looking to become sane again

Nagging the teacher like a five year old needing to pee

Understanding the questions like a kid with a pea sized brain

Intriguing the class with a science lesson as messy as a volcano

Pacing back and forth waiting for an idea like a lion waiting for food

Obsessing over word choices like a queen and her hair

Entertaining kids like a clown with a red nose

Toughening the poem with details like glue thickening cardboard

Rhyming like Dr Seuss

Yawning after a long day of writing, like a baby at 10:00 pm

childrens poetry

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