Limbo to Love

To Whom I Thought I Loved

Limbo to Love

It wasn't loveIt was love's trickAn illusion placed by cupidA Ploy hidden by comfort

Your smile that stungYour Words that were music to my earsYour Tears; like venom that struck me straightYour touch that I recollect now and again

But it wasn't loveYou were my weaknessMy perfect imperfectionMy entrance to love

Until I was given an invitation to real loveYou became the shadow behind the lightYour radiance begun to fadeThen I realisedYou were just my limbo to love.

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Tanya Rodriguez

Freelance poet, i started writing poetry seriously 5 years ago and was featured in Uk national anthology 2016. I write to free my mind and soul. Random inspirations as well as experience.

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