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Life's Curveballs

a poem by Solomon

By Solomon WalkerPublished about a month ago 1 min read
life's curve-balls by Solomon

When life hurls curve-balls your way,

And you teeter on the edge of dismay,

Embrace the challenge, let wisdom guide,

And watch as your spirit soars, far and wide.

Changing paths may not be a breeze,

Stepping beyond comfort's boundaries, if you please,

But armed with resolve and a clever mind,

You'll conquer obstacles of any kind.

Tripping and stumbling may come your way,

Yet surrendering should never hold sway,

Keep forging ahead, with each passing sun,

Discovering a new path, where victory is won.

Adapt and overcome, let that be your creed,

Unlocking your potential, fulfilling your need,

To live a life of purpose and grace,

Never confined, always embracing space.

So relish the journey, the highs and lows,

Trusting that wherever it flows,

You possess the strength to rise above,

Adapting and overcoming with a heart full of love.

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About the Creator

Solomon Walker

Artist, Photographer, Poet, Entrepreneur. Director, Museum of Digital Fine Arts (MoDFA). Solomon is also creator and curator of MoDFA art group on LinkedIn.

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    Solomon WalkerWritten by Solomon Walker

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