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Life in Poetry Series

by Justin Higgins about a year ago in sad poetry
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Vol. 3 - Sadness

Life in Poetry Series
Photo by Paola Chaaya on Unsplash

Sometimes to live in this state is pure joy. It does not make

sense, so I will not even try to explain. There are times where

going to that “sad” place just makes me feel at peace. Listening

to my favorite break-up song, or reading a book about one’s

struggles, or even just placing my hood over my head to hide

myself as I walk. Maybe I’ve become comfortable in those feelings or

perhaps it is just a defense mechanism. Who knows, but it become apart

of who I am now. Perhaps, that is why I feel so intensely, love so effortlessly,

and experience so patiently

sad poetry

About the author

Justin Higgins

Hey everyone!!! I’m looking forward to being inspired. I have always enjoyed the creative aspect of writing but only recently over the past two years have a seriously started engaging in it. I write short stories & poetry.

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