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Life and Truth

by Priyabrataa Ganguly 4 months ago in slam poetry
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Life and Truth
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Saw a glimpse of life yesterday,

she was humming my way on the roads,

then found it here

and there, she was smiling softly,

after a long time, she agreed to me,

she was comforting me,

why both of us are angry with each other I was explaining to

her and she to me,

I asked why

you fucking gave so much pain,

she laughed and said - I am life, I

was teaching you to live.

Sometimes anger comes on your laughter.

Sometimes all the places where the heart wants to laugh.

Sometimes hide the sorrow in some corner of the heart.

Sometimes I want to tell everything to someone.

Never cry, even when there are a million sorrows.

And sometimes the heart just wants to shed tears.

Sometimes it feels good to roam free, but

sometimes it feels like being confined in someone's arms.

Sometimes think that something new is happening in life.

And sometimes the heart just wants to live like this.

slam poetry

About the author

Priyabrataa Ganguly

Professional writer, foodie, love poems

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