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Leave Them In The Rearview

Don't Look Back. You're Not Going That Way.

By Danielle Elizabeth AndrewsPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Leave Them In The Rearview
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Close your eyes.


Open your mind.

Allow it to wander back in time.


When you reminisce, where do you go?

How far back do you rewind?

So many memories

Just there on the periphery.

Some crystalline, others blurred by the tarnish of time.


Would you like a glimpse into mine?

I’m surrounded by strangers.

People I once thought were my family

Now, only a distant memory.


I existed in their orbit,

Yet they never cared enough to know

The real me, no not even remotely.

I was at their beck and call.

So loyal, I always gave them my all.


When I needed them?

They were all too busy,

Otherwise occupied.

No time to answer

Yet still expected me to come when called.


No one was ever there for me.

In fact, they caused what would ultimately befall.

I was trapped in their world,

Weighted down with obligation.


They, however, had no such reservation.

Turned their backs in a flash

Their only concern or motivation, cash.

What a welcome relief to finally tell them to just kiss my ass.


Now they’re merely fading images in the rearview.

No longer a factor in my life

Nor will they be a detriment to my future.

I refuse to be bogged down beneath such strife.

. . .

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  • KJ Aartila2 months ago

    Inspirational! Great advice and attitude. :)

  • Dana Stewart2 months ago

    Medicinal and restoring, I commensurate with this piece. Good work! ❤️

  • Cathy holmes2 months ago

    Great poem and even better message. Well done.

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