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This Tree Is My Home

It is occupied from top to bottom.

By Danielle Elizabeth AndrewsPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
Artwork Created By Author via Midjourney

My nest is my sacred space

I’ve filled it with twigs and herbs,

Lined it with downy softness.

It’s my special place

Just for me and my tiny family.


There’s no need for pretense, or such goings on.

I sing contentedly upon this limb.

My tweets are not controversial,

Nor threatening.

Just a means to communicate with my friends.


This tree is the treasured home of my nest

And it’s all my own.

(Well, aside from the squirrels in the hollow

And the sparrow way up above!

Ah, there's also the fellow who lives down below!)


The tree is ours and we adore it so.

Now, please, it's time for you to go.

I’ll sit atop this beloved nest with my feathery crown upon my head.

Enjoying the solitude of my little birdy bed.


Go on now!

You heard what I said:

'This is my nest

Built strong and true.

I’ve given it my best and

It'll soon be put to the ultimate test

As it's the home of my eggs, you see!


So now it is time for you to seek another tree.

You can't steal my home from me!

You’ll need to find one of your very own.

I know you admire my nesting tree,

But really...

It's time to move on now

Because it belongs to me!


One last thing, I have to say:

Be sure to look closely before you try to claim another tree.

While it may seem uninhabited during the day,

There may be nocturnal inhabitants in residence.


You'd better hear what they have to say!

A feisty lot, they tend to be!

Our tree is occupied, as you can see.

If you risk their ire

Well, you'll certainly be playing with a noxious fire!


Yes, trees may be needed for homes in your world too,

But they're also meant to be utilized as homes for those other than you!

You must bear in mind that they provide clean air for everyone.

Not to mention they offer shelter from the Sun.


On my flights, throughout the seasons,

I've visited and flown by many different trees.

Are you aware that they are home to not just thousands of little birds like me,

But also eighty percent of all terrestrial animals?


Do you realize that you humans don't even equal a third?

There's a large population of living things in this world

Yet you're the ones destroying us, herd by herd.

As we're driven out by polluted habitats

And devastated ecosystems.


Tell me, do you even miss them?

Are you aware of all the species lost?

Food, shelter, oxygen, and shade are the gifts of lovely trees such as these.


So, please remember these facts

When debating the necessity of cutting down another copse of trees.

Every tree is a blessing,

One that nobody should take for granted!


Now, please excuse me,

I must serenade the setting Sun

Before this lovely day is over

And my nocturnal neighbors emerge for their evening fun.


By the way, have you met Mister Skunk?

He lives down below.

If you dawdle much longer,

I'm sure he'll be out to say hello!'

Artwork Created By Author via Midjourney

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