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Keep Me


By CotardDelusionzPublished 18 days ago 1 min read

Are you sick of me

You can't believe that

You have me

Give me one night

To give me your hand

I'll take your mind

I want to feel you

With such delight

I'll snap you back into this life

Give me your eyes

And I'll stare into them all night

Give me your face

So I can have a taste

Put your fingers on my chest

Feel my heart race

When I bring you into my embrace

Why are you so afraid to be face-to-face

The world doesn't wait

Time doesn't hesitate

So, let's pick up the pace

I don't care how you feel about me

We don't have to be anything

Hate me

That's love to me

Make me angry

I won't hold onto anything

That's time-wasting

Love wasting

I can't stop chasing

It's disgusting

I don't wanna be this way

You want someone crazy

I want someone to save me

But I know I'm beyond saving

You think I'm mean

But trust me

I'm understanding

I know you're suffering

I hate the world

But I'll cater to you forever

I'll stretch myself thin

There's nothing to keep me together

Some ideas are only tangible.

So, let's communicate

Before it's too late

Break your shell

That's not who I fell for

Don't die

Show me you're alive

Show me what the world called your crazy side

So I'll ask again

Give me your hand

Just for tonight

Let's ignite

And feel the fire burn inside

As we gaze into each other's eyes

It's so electrifying

You're like lightning

And I'm the cloud that holds you inside

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About the Creator


I have Bpd, Ocd, Adhd, and MDD. Most of the things I write will be an expression of that in a desperate attempt to keep my sanity.

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  • Esala Gunathilake18 days ago

    A crazy love poem, well done!!!

  • Gloria Penelope18 days ago

    Coming across your poem made my day. I enjoyed reading it. Nice and relatable.

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