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By CotardDelusionzPublished about a month ago 2 min read
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You're all wrong

Everything is wrong

Your thoughts are wrong

Your words are wrong

Hold your breath

Don't breathe

Look down at your feet

You don't wanna see

The way they look at a freak

Don't blink

You don't want to think


Don't leave


You've made another mistake

Grab the blood-stained razor blade

Mark down your punishment

So they know

That you're a fucking disgrace

Why do you still have a face

Let out your hate

Why are you afraid

Target your eyes

If you're not willing to make the sacrifice

So borderline

Get over the line

Live on the other side

So you can do what's right


My muscles are so tight.

My mind doesn't feel alright.

I can feel a demon's hands squeezing my brain

Digging it's nails

Keeping me in a jail

I hate this feeling

It drives me mad

My blood seething is barely relieving

I need to do what's right

My body is rotten

It'll be easy

To rip apart my head

I make the initial slit

Down my forehead

A constant stream of blood runs down my face

I raise both hands to my forehead

And stick my fingers into the slit

I dig deep

Stretching the wound

Till I feel bone

Then I pull

My skull cracks and pops

As I split my head open

My eyes get farther apart

I break so easily

Like clay



It's revealed

The demon's hand

Black and ominous

With sharp nails stabbing into the brain

You reach for it and rip it off

But that's not enough

You claw and maul

At your brain

You can finally let out your hate

It feels great

Ripping out your brains

Splattering it all over the place

Till there's nothing left

But don't stop

Don't forget what's left of your face

You've made so many mistakes


Paint the place

With your disgrace

Stream of Consciousnesssurreal poetryMental Health

About the Creator


I have Bpd, Ocd, Adhd, and MDD. Most of the things I write will be an expression of that in a desperate attempt to keep my sanity.

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    CotardDelusionzWritten by CotardDelusionz

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