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Into the Unknown

February 2024

By VPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

For those who wonder,

She is okay.

"She's enjoying life!"

Many do say.

Little do they see,

She's come a long way.

Moved to the city with hopes and dreams,

Not knowing "Life" is a big 'ol play.

Ignorance and naivety

Almost made her pay.

But she stood her ground,

Refused to be prey.

Not swayed by the masses

She decided to go in all the way.

With each passing thought,

Realizing she needed to stay away.

"Understand," she'd say,

"I must find my own way."

She began learning and learning,

Making time for it every day.

From history to systems and everything in between,

Hurt yet open, she never backed away.

So many dark hidden truths,

She found herself in dismay.

Her time and energy

Gone by the end of the day.

Going down the rabbit hole,

It's the price you pay.

No time to stop,

No time for play.

It's time to get it,

Each and every day.

Nothing will stop her,

Her vision is underway.

She continues to learn,

It's something that makes her day.

Now reaping rewards,

As she sips Chardonnay.

She will conquer,

She will slay.

For knowledge is power,

With action is the way.

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