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Into the land

by KC Taylor 15 days ago in slam poetry

I don’t pretend to know much.

Into the land
Newark NJ quarintine time...

I don’t know fancy flowing words nor like to pretend to know much.

I don’t speak with eloquence or with words of old English.

I fancy myself with small pleasures that you might not understand,

but the fact is I don’t like to pretend to know much.

We can talk about logistics, politics or maybe religion,

but I pretend to know nothing just to listen to your voice

which has no reasoning or accordance.

I will listen to your voice that has no impact, nor will ever save a soul,

but I don’t like to pretend to know much.

While you listen to your self talk, I travel far away.

A place where conversations are simple, reasoning is obsolete

and words are spoken with coffee, not tea.

I don’t speak your perfect words and you might not understand my flow.

My accent is sharp often mocked, my idioms are funny and my gestures difficult to follow,

but at least I don’t pretend to know much.

As for those who really don’t know a fuck, stop pretending you know all.

slam poetry
KC Taylor
KC Taylor
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KC Taylor

Catherine C. Taylor is Muslim-Puerto Rican journalist with a vision to bring community awareness through storytelling. She is a Rutgers-Newark Graduate with a BA in Journalism and International Affairs.

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