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by Franchessica Hannawacker 7 months ago in surreal poetry

Insights of an Insomniac

If insomnia had a color what color would it be? What color sinks into your flesh, what color stops you from being free? Insomnia controls you and stops you from your dreams, insomnia is the root of all terrible things.

Or so it all is, in the middle of the night. In that darkness before dawn at the edge of that fight. But does it all get better when the orange cuts the sky? You still cannot sleep or even shut your eyes.

Is black the color that I seek as it surrounds me in the room? Sucking and absorbing making headaches come to bloom. Or a weak pale yellow color coming somewhere from a distance? Bringing shadows to life almost in an instance.

Is it the opaque blue light staring at my face? Doing nothing of substance. Nothing of great importance. Just setting a pace to get me through one more night with some sort of subsistence.

When dawn breaks, slicing the horizon- with its colors of orange and yellows and pinks- I stare at my ceiling my brain stops and thinks, how is it possible we’ve gone another night with no sleep? How can we do this life that’s twice this week?

What color is hopelessness when you know you won’t sleep, does it flow deeply purple when you’re desperate for dreams? Or is it red murder as you count all those sheep? Anything really to just get some sleep.

surreal poetry

Franchessica Hannawacker

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Franchessica Hannawacker
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