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by Franchessica Hannawacker 3 months ago in surreal poetry


The pale blue of daybreak

The first breath out of darkness

Swimming in its stillness

Swooning from its kiss

The blue blood that flows inside me

That I once thought was cursed

Drowning in depression

Breaking the surface I emerge

Blue like the ocean

A mysterious unknown

A wandering shadow

Always looking for a home

Bluebirds taking flight

To the cool breeze at my neck

Who knew there was such beauty

When I believed myself so wrecked

And yet it all flows from me

My art in every form

Into books onto pages

Getting me through every storm

Blue lightning crashes

Against darkened skies

All the pain seems far gone

The lonely distant cries

I speak in blue ink drawings

Little doodles here and there

To escape this world sometimes

When it becomes too hard to bear

Can art change the world

It certainly changed me

It gave me an escape

Taught me how to be free

Under pale blue lights in darkness

The ink it comes alive

I can feel it flowing through me

Helping me survive

surreal poetry
Franchessica Hannawacker
Franchessica Hannawacker
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Franchessica Hannawacker
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