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In the Mist of Eyes


By A.C. SweetPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Photo Credit A.C. Sweet

Tightly they respectively negotiate the chaos

Of mobbing, racing students—in time gone where that happened—

A scuffle of negligent bumps and 'xcuse me's come and go.

In the discord, all passing are lost in the blending stroke

Of that change from lesson to lesson. In the mist of eyes,

There is a blur that’s blinding. Indistinguishable souls,

Though the windows are present, scoot by and then disappear.

Among the humdrum and all, two pairs catch sight of each other,

That hazy crowd soon dissipates, and left are the suddenly

Intertwined to glean what may be gleaned from ephemeral

Connection. Hosts overwhelm them, and heat rises in sweat.

Sharing in frozen sand that always drops, their dilation

Sourced in their centers does swell the prior vacant seat both

Harbored inside. Snared hearts, they are silently stupefied.

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About the Creator

A.C. Sweet

Inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and fueled by stories of all kinds since childhood, one of my favorite passions and goals is to connect and understand through the written word.

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