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Ghoul Repellant

A Poem I Wrote a Long Time Ago

By A.C. SweetPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Photo by A.C. Sweet

As I stood, accomplished and proud

I did also stand face to the ground.

My thoughts ravaged by the ghouls of my own darkness;

Alone was I to wallow in thoughts hard for most to swallow.

When all seemed lost and I had nothing but the cost

I felt the pure harmony of angelic harps play as your arms did rest.

My head rose to see eyes with no jest

But instead clarity filled my heart

The piercing and moving gaze filled my chest.

You stood congratulatory, and comfortingly

I, hypnotized and mesmerized, stared.

Swallowed was I by sorrow’s remedy

Enthralled was I, in the degree you cared.

But the serenity lived ephemerally,

And I stood again unattached;

Alone was I again.

Me, the ghouls in the darkness, eternally.

sad poetry

About the Creator

A.C. Sweet

Inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, and fueled by stories of all kinds since childhood, one of my favorite passions and goals is to connect and understand through the written word.

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