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By Rage Published about a month ago 1 min read
Maladaptive dreaming

I am trying to get over him, trying to think of better things to do, somehow I find myself daydreaming of what we would be like, how would our kids look like, how many cats or dogs we’ll have, but I would rather not daydream, I want him to be with me, but he doesn’t want that. He wants us to be friends, he is not ready for anything currently, he has kept his distance and with every second, he spends away from me, I feel my heartbreaking inside. Why can’t he see that we are perfect for each other? He is so perfect in my head that I never want to leave this wonderland that I made for both of us, but he is not perfect at all. In fact, he is very avoidant, very dismissive, he speaks to me like I’m a child, I can’t get a word out when I’m on the phone with him, he doesn’t even care at all.

One day, I am finally going to get out of my head and move on with my life, but that is not today, just one more week wouldn’t hurt.

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What goes on in an 18 year old head.

I’m going to try to be consistent ❤️

I’m not really sure how this platform works.

This place is going to be my open diary

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